"In this great future you can't forget your past" ~No Woman, No Cry, Bob Marley

How I Got Started

I have been working on learning more about my family history since about 2000 (some years more so than others).  I have been working simultaneously on my mother (maternal) and father's (paternal) side of the family; doing this adds to the time it takes to research (although, as any researcher will tell you, one is never really 'done' with their research--smile).

I got started in the winter, after receiving a book I'd ordered.  I thought I had ordered one thing and it turned out it was something else--a book about a beginners guide to tracing their African American genealogy.  I figured that since I'd paid for the book and it was now in my possession, I should glance through it.  Well, I did more than glance, I read and from the beginning, I was absolutely hooked!  I began to think of various things I had heard about my grandfather and grandmother's families; I also began to think about just how little I knew about my father's side of the family--here was a way to delve in and attempt to learn more.

I began immediately (after talking with my Mom who was very encouraging--she and my daughter continue to be my number one supporters!) and have been going ever since.  Along the way, I have met family members as well as other researchers.  I have learned quite a bit about my family and the social and general history of the times in which my ancestors, their families and counterparts lived.  I have been able to share information with school-aged youth, in an effort to get them excited about their family history and bridge generation gaps.   

I research to only because I am extremely interested in the history of my family and the times in which they lived, but also because it is important to me that my daughter and niece know from where they come; for them to feel connected to their world at large.  I do not, nor have I ever researched to find the proverbial skeleton in the closet or to dig up dirt.  While it is inevitable to learn unflattering things, rest assured that I am in no way looking to hurt anyone in any form!

Needless to say, I have had and am having a ball!  All researchers know that one of the reasons to research is to share the finds; that is part of the reason for this site.  Along with this site, I am working on other ways in which to share the rich history that is my, our family--stay tuned for more on these projects, each of which will share family history in a slightly different way. 

I do hope you will visit often as I hope to make additions to the site on a somewhat regular basis (roughly every six or so weeks, if there is enough time and information). Click here to learn how you can help add pieces to the puzzle.  Click here to see ways in which others have graciously helped over the years.


  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog while perusing the web. I love your post and like yourself research my family history not only for my own curiosity, but also so my niece, nephews and younger cousins can know and understand where they come from. I also love to connect our family history with American history to give then a new perspective..

    1. Please forgive my delay in replying to your comment (thank you for leaving one!). I am thrilled you found my blog, and I am looking forward to creating the time to be more active with it. Yes, I really think and believe that connecting the family history to the “larger picture” is so beneficial, on so many levels! Best wishes in your research….I hope you will visit periodically—smile.


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