"In this great future you can't forget your past" ~No Woman, No Cry, Bob Marley

How You Can Help

Are you interested in assisting with my family history quest?  There are quite a few ways in which you may do so, and all are truly valued and appreciated.  A proper thank you is always given, and unless you request otherwise, your name will join the great list of thank yous. If after reading through the list, you wish to assist in any fashion, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here is how you can help
  • participate in an interview on the phone, via postal or electronic mail
  • share family stories
  • share family photos
  • share family papers such as military documents & awards, membership cards/papers for organizations, post cards, wills, letters, graduation/marriage/birth/death announcements, old report cards, funeral programs, old work ID cards, old passport photos and applications
  • family Bibles (or copies of the pages with the marriage, birth and death listings including the copyright page)
  • year books
  • donate any family items, including papers, you are no longer interested in having or storing
  • take photos of family heirlooms, attach the photo to a write up stating what it is, when it came into the family, who originally owned it, who currently owns it, if in your possession, how it came to be in your possession and any stories about the item, including what makes it special 
  • contribute to projects
  • share newspaper articles or clippings--if possible, include the name of the newspaper, page and date
  • perhaps these suggestions gave you an idea not listed here, just let me know
  • pass along my contact information to other family members

Things to Know:
  1. When mailing items, I will reimburse the cost of photocopying, up to $15.00 when the package is accompanied by a receipt or copy of a receipt and written request for reimbursement.
  2. I will  reimburse postage up to $10.00, based on the amount on the package.  Reimbursement comes by request, if you wish to be reimbursed, please be sure to make this request in writing, thank you.
  3. Some items such as papers, cards, photos et cetera can be scanned and sent via email or saved to CD or thumb/flash drive and mailed.  By sending items via email or CD, thumb/flash drive via postal mail, you are giving your permission for use and acknowledging that the material is yours to share.
~NOTE: when you share an item or items, include a note stating if you are giving the items or if you would like the items returned.  Please also state your name and contact information and that the item/items you are sharing are yours to share, thank you.~

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