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Thank You

There is absolutely no way to do genealogy and family history research without the help and generosity of others. The massive jigsaw puzzle that is family history and genealogy cannot be put together without help from family, other researchers, and workers at the many and varied repositories and agencies genealogists utilize.

The following is a list of family members who have, over the years, been helpful in some fashion. To them, I am extremely grateful. I wish I could do or say more, however, all I have is my sincere appreciation and gratitude. I have tried to remember everyone and leave no one off the list, as every bit of information and every story is helpful, every bit.

If, after reading through this thank you list, you are interested in sharing a piece or pieces of the puzzle, I look forward to hearing from you! An asterisk by a name denotes someone who has since joined the rank of Ancestor.  ~~IMPORTANT: Names are listed in no particular or special order~~

S. Donaldson—provided photo identification, papers, $ for stamps and documents, an interview, family stories, showed locations of family homes, ideas, family names, baby book, year books, ability to decipher old handwriting, on-going and continued support
G. Donaldson (*)—maternal grandfather—provided photos, an interview, family stories, photo identification, papers, family names, old letters/card, gifted me my grandmother’s postcard collection, year books
J. Gardner—help with scanning numerous photos, help with various name spellings and thoughts on how to solve one of the tough genealogy issues being researched
M. Kimbrough—help scanning numerous photos
K. Asberry (*)—paternal cousin—provided family names, photos, funeral program and kept me updated on some family happenings
W. & T. Donaldson—maternal cousin & wife—shared photos, remembrances of growing up and family, filled out family group sheet
T. Cleveland—maternal cousin—provided names of family to help update tree
L. M. Crider—paternal family link—shared family information
R. Donaldson—maternal cousin—shared photos, memories of growing up, provided names to help update the family tree
C. Goodlow—paternal uncle—shared family names and relationships as best he knew them, shared photos
H. Kimbrough (*)—paternal grandmother—shared newspaper obituaries, provided an interview, shared stories for both her family as well as the Kimbrough family, explained photos
E. Gullick (*)—paternal aunt—provided an interview
F. Gullick—paternal cousin—provided family names, dates, and family stories
L. Gullick—paternal cousin—provided family names as well as great leads for further research
G. Gullick—paternal cousin—provided family names, birthdates, and photos
M. Henderson—paternal cousin—provided a mail-in interview
J. Jones—paternal cousin—provided names, papers, photos and research ideas
E. Jones—paternal cousin—provided a flash drive, photos and family names
A. Laird—fellow research—numerous family documents and papers
C. Kimbrough—paternal uncle—explained photos, shared remembrances
K. Killian—maternal cousin—completed family group sheet and photos
N. Robinson (*)—maternal aunt—provided an interview
M. Spearman—maternal cousin—numerous family papers, photos, research books, names and connections
P. Sullivan-Webb—maternal cousin—provided $ for a replacement scanner and stamps
M. Nelson—maternal cousin—shared family information he knew—relative connections
D. Donaldson-Daniel—maternal cousin—provided photos and memories of her father
D. Roberts—maternal cousin—provided family papers and photos
P. Schrecongst—maternal cousin—shared family photos and completed a family group sheet
S. Taylor (*)—paternal aunt—offered to do a family interview, unfortunately, she passed away before it was able to take place
R. Tribble—maternal cousin—(we called him Uncle…)—shared remembrances that had been passed down to him and photos
J. Tribble—maternal cousin—shared family photos
D. Tribble—maternal cousin—shared family photos, stories and funeral programs
E. Tribble, Sr.—maternal cousin—shared family pictures, stories, dates, names, a funeral program
R. Tribble—maternal cousin—shared photos and a letter from his grandfather, $ for postage
B. Thomas—maternal cousin—shared family photos, funeral programs, and remembrances
K. Tribble-Spencer—maternal cousin—shared family photos
E. Warfield—paternal cousin—shared photos, family stories, nicknames of family members who passed on, shared great leads
V. Valentine—maternal cousin—provided copies of family papers
C. Young—maternal cousin—shared family remembrances
Z. Robinson-Smith—paternal cousin—shared funeral programs, kept me abreast of passages in the family
T. Pinnick—fellow researcher—has provided great tips, insight, copies of information/records, limitless help
B. Donaldson—maternal cousin—shared family photos, and an newspaper article
D. Cannon—sent my father’s death certificate, autopsy report and photos of him as a boy



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